Marla Grant, Grief Recovery Method

Marla Grant
Inspired Grief Recovery

Your recovery from the pain of unresolved grief to a joyful and fulfilling quality of life is my mission. I can walk you through this journey because I know the path – it’s one that I have traveled multiple times with success, in spite of the loss of three of my five children.

From the time we are small children, most of us are never taught healthy ways to deal with grief. We hear the subtle message that the appropriate thing to do with grief is to hide our emotions, to get over our pain, to grieve alone, to be strong, that time will heal your pain…anything but the expression of our emotional pain. By the time we reach adulthood, the weight of so much repressed, unresolved grief is unbearable.

As an Advance Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, I’ll teach you healing tools to carry for life and together we will uncover the inspiration that lives inside you to reclaim your joy. You will discover the profound growth and self-discovery that are the surprising gifts of grief – a world of hope and renewal that so many have told you is impossible. Whether your grief is from the loss of a loved one, a life-altering unwanted change in your circumstances, professional or personal losses, you will have the tools to recover from them all.

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